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Shingle Roof Repair, Hickory, NC

We are able to complete your shingle roof repair job quickly and efficiently in order to protect your Hickory, NC home or business as soon as possible.

Shingle Roof Repair, Hickory, NCA shingle roof can give your home a sense of traditional style.  Shingles come in different colors and styles and, when installed correctly, can last up to 20 years.  However, if your shingle roof is older or was installed incorrectly, it can be more susceptible to damage caused by wind, rain or even sunshine.  For example, if the protective coating on your shingles is wearing out, the shingles will provide less protection for your home.  If your shingles were installed incorrectly, they may blow off during severe weather storms.  This would lead to a leaky roof and potential water damage to your home. In order to prevent excess and costly damage due to a leaky roof, you will want to consider a shingle roof repair at the first signs of trouble.

At Race City Roofing in Hickory, NC, we know how important it is to repair a damaged roof as soon as possible.  That’s why we offer shingle roof repair that is both high-quality and affordable.  We have been in business for over 20 years, and that means we are able to complete your job quickly and efficiently in order to protect your home or business as soon as possible.  Over the years, we have provided each customer with excellent service, leaving them completely satisfied with the job we have done.

When you find yourself in need of a shingle roof repair, don’t hesitate– contact us today.  Let our commitment to quality show you why we are “The Roofing Solution”!

Race City Roofing is the #1 roofing contractor in the Charlotte, NC area. We offer a wide variety of professional & affordable roofing services including, “Shingle Roof Repair” for Mooresville, Gastonia, Lake NormanCorneliusHickory, Huntersville, Denver, Troutman, Statesville and Charlotte.