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Hail Storm Damage Roof Repair in Charlotte, NC

Our professional roofing contractors in Charlotte, NC are experts in hail storm damage roof repair!

Hail storm damage roof repair, Charlotte, NCHail Storm Damage Roof Repair – Hail storms are frequent unwelcome visitors to North Carolina . . . and they never depart without leaving their mark behind. Some bad hail storms in this area have even left softball-sized hail! When those giant balls of ice fall from the sky, they can leave destruction in their wake, especially to the roof of your home, business, and other buildings. Hail stones can damage shingles, knock down or bend gutters, and even punch holes in the roof which is why after a major hail storm you may be in need of hail storm damage roof repair.

Interesting Facts About Hail

At Race City Roofing, we know that if you experience hail damage, all you really want to know is how quickly the hail storm damage roof repair can be accomplished so your Charlotte, North Carolina home is protected from water damage and other moisture issues. However, inquiring minds might need to know a bit more about hail, so we thought we would share some interesting facts about hail.

  • Hail most often happens during the day. While it could happen after the sun goes down, the optimal conditions most often happen between midday and late afternoon. This is due to the intense updrafts that can occur during a thunderstorm, which need the sun’s effect to warm the air.
  • Hail can be clear or cloudy. How fast the water freezes dictates the appearance of the hail. The quicker it freezes, the more likely it will be cloudy because of bubbles being trapped. A slow freeze lets them escape so the hail ends up clear.
  • Hail can result in more than roof repair being needed. Vehicle damage is also common during hail storms. In addition, if there are windy conditions, there can also be other damage to your home, including siding damage and broken windows. There have even been cases where injury or death has occurred, especially when there are large hailstones and they fall at insanely high speeds. Speaking of large, the record thus far recorded in the United States was an 8-inch diameter monster weighing nearly 2 pounds that fell in Vivian, South Dakota on June 23, 2010. You can bet if that fell on your house, you would definitely need some major roof repairs!

When it comes to hail storm damage roof repair, Race City Roofing is the #1 roofing contractor serving Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. If your roof has been clobbered by a recent hail storm, contact us immediately. We’ll assess the damage and make sure the roof gets repaired in a timely manner and with only the highest-quality roofing materials. Waiting to repair a damaged roof can mean leaks, rot, mold, and mildew. Contact us today to learn more about our hail storm damage roof repair services in North Carolina. Someone is always there to answer our phones, 24/7, so don’t delay!

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