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Is a Complex Roof Design Worth It?
How Does a Complex Roof Differ from the Standard Roof?

Most houses in the United States are built with the triangular-shaped, gable-style roofs. These roofs are cheap and stable but are also incredibly commonplace among suburbs and other small buildings. They seem to be a staple in sound architecture, but there are just as stable alternatives. A complex roof design may incur greater costs, but allows a building to be customized to the owner’s liking while also being just as stable as any gable roof-adorned building.

What are the Advantages?

A complex roof can make an otherwise boring-looking building stand out from the gabled-roof fair surrounding it. Complex roofs may be, by definition, more complex than standard gable roofs, but that makes a building more interesting and possibly worth more than other buildings with less complex roofs. Also, a gable roof is very structurally sound, but may be subject to more maintenance in an area with stronger winds. A specially built complex roof can be made to be more resistant to the elements specific to the area in which it is built.

What are the Disadvantages?

As mentioned before, a complex roof is not quite as simple as a garden-variety gable roof. The sky may be the limit on a complex or specialty roof, but this incurs a greater cost in both the design and building phase. A custom roof costs more than a roof design that already exists, so the initial investment into the roof may be much higher. However, these costs can be an investment into the home itself, as there is potential to increase the value of the home or building with a complex roof.