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Metal Roof Repair: Why You Need a Specialist

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The movement of home DIY projects has been growing in popularity as homeowners get hooked on Pinterest and home improvement TV shows. While this is great for most projects and can be a fun hobby for the weekends, there is at least one project that you should leave for the professionals: metal roof repair.

Metal Roof Repair: Why You Need a Specialist

If you have invested in a metal roof, you know how expensive they are. Metal roofs are extremely long-lasting and can withstand most any battering from weather or other elements. With all of the money you have already invested in your roof, you may be tempted to try to save some and repair it yourself when needed. Bad idea! Unless you have a permit and experience in metal roof repair, you should call us to fix it. Here’s what we would have to do, depending on your roof:

  • Steel Roof: These are fixed by soldering. We will bring metal that matches your roof and use a soldering gun to patch up the damaged area.
  • Aluminum Roof: This type of roof requires wire mesh and roofing cement to fix any problem areas. The process includes layering urethane roofing cement and wire mesh over the hole in a precise manner.

Luckily, metal roof repair is not needed often because of the durability of this roof type. If you find that you are in need of roofing repair services, call us at Race City Roofing to discuss your options and fix the problem.