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Recognizing Storm Damage Roofs

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When Mother Nature rears her ugly head, there isn’t much you can do but wait for her wrath to pass. Hopefully the precautions you have put in place to protect your home and your roof will be enough to weather the storm, but oftentimes, we are at the mercy of the elements, with fingers crossed, hoping for the best. While some storm damage roofs are easy to recognize, others may take a little investigative work to find and fix. A fallen down tree on your roof is hard to miss, but small cracks in the membrane of shingles are a little trickier. Here’s some advice for things to look for with storm damage roofs:

  1. Missing or obviously damaged shingles – These are relatively easy to notice, though you may want to get on a ladder for a better look. You’ll also want to replace these quickly to avoid leaking. Avoid going on your roof, though, as the structural integrity of the roof may have been compromised. Consider calling us at Race City Roofing to help you assess the damage.

Recognizing Storm Damage Roofs

  1. Loose Metal Flashings – With some storm damage roofs, the metal flashings around sky lights, chimneys and vents may have been damaged and are starting to peel back.
  2. Piles of loose gravel – In the case of extreme winds, like those of a hurricane, for example, you may not realize that your roof was actually displaced a bit. Piles of loose gravel may indicate that the fasteners on your roof have come loose and need replacing.
  3. Stains in your attic – Check inside your attic for any water stains on the walls or ceiling. This signifies water is entering somewhere, and following the stain may help you find the leak.
  4. Denting – Look for dents on storm damage roofs. You may see these on chimneys, flashings, vents or gutters. You may have gotten lucky and your roof structure withstood the storm, though debris in the air may have damaged some smaller facet of your roof.

At Race City Roofing, we are educated and experienced in the types of storm damage roofs that are typically seen in the Charlotte, NC area. We will come to your house to do a thorough inspection of your roof, diagnose the problem and suggest fixes. Whether the damage is visible from the ground or not, when Mother Nature takes her toll, call us at Race City Roofing to help.