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elaborate roof designsAre you busy designing your dream home, but are worried about how the roofing will work with your ideas? Stop worrying and keep dreaming . . . leave the elaborate roof designs to us! We can help design roofing solutions to match the layout of your home, even for difficult cases. We have experience with unusual roof shapes and combinations of flat, pitched, or curved roofs.

We will make sure that any elaborate roof designs are:

  • Structurally sound: You want your roof to be high quality, especially when it becomes more complex. We’ll make sure the roof won’t sag or shift or be damaged significantly by a storm. We’ll also work with you to decide which type of truss and insulation is best for your roof.
  • Long lasting: You’ll be able to choose which materials you would like to finish your roof. We can talk with you about pros and cons of different roofing finishes, but you’ll be able to choose one that is best for you. Even asphalt shingles, the most cost-effective option when it comes to roofing, will last for 20-30 years. With high-quality materials and workmanship, we’ll build you a roof that will last.
  • Aligned with your wishes: We’ll talk about what you are looking for in a roof and strive to make that happen. You may wish to think about future possible uses for loft space, as that will affect the roof design. You’ll also want to think about lighting in each room and how the roof will help or deter the entrance of natural light.

Go ahead and give us a call to discuss your ideas. We can meet with you and look at your options, then give you a free estimate for your elaborate roof designs. Don’t feel limited by traditional roofing styles or conventional practices. Make your dream a reality today!