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Tips for Maintaining Roof Shingles

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If your roof is looking great except for a few warped shingles, get them fixed.  Replacing any damaged shingles will usually prevent needing to replace your entire roof in the near future.  Cleaning and preserving roof shingles will help keep your home looking great and keep your family safe.  Here are some ways to maintain your roof shingles:

  • Take a look at your roof.  Look for missing or warped shingles.  Replace any loose, damaged or discolored roof shingles.  Discolored shingles could mean a bigger problem and should be looked at by a professional.

Tips for Maintaining Roof Shingles

  • Clear all debris from your roof.  Things such as leaves, twigs and moss can damage your shingles.  Your roof is designed to keep your home warm and dry.  Neglected debris could soak up water, which could deteriorate your roof shingles.  You’ll want to check for debris on a regular basis.
  • Clean out your gutters and downspouts of debris or blockage.  This should be done at least once a year.  If you have a tree that hangs over your gutters, trim the tree and clean out your gutters at least twice a year.
  • Make sure all your shingles are in good condition.  If a large portion of your shingles are in bad shape, it may be time to replace the whole roof.

Performing a little routine maintenance can keep your roof looking great.  If you need a professional to inspect your roof for possible damage or to replace any shingles, call us at Race City Roofing.