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Understanding Storm Damaged Roofs and When to Repair Them
Storm damaged roofs can be incredibly costly if not watched for with a keen eye. While roofs are made to be as durable as possible, roofs still have quite a few duties they must uphold (literally). A roof must be able to hold itself up, keep the inside of the house insulated from the outside, and keep the outside from getting in. When the outside tries its hardest to get in, a roof can start to take damage from storms and other weather. One of the main things a roof must keep out is water, and often, water wants in. The shingles on a roof can get misplaced, eroded, or broken due to storm water. When this occurs, roofs can become leaky, and this can mean huge damage to the structure of the building.

How to Spot Storm Damaged Roofs

As mentioned previously, the roofing of a house can get shifted, broken, and eroded because of heavy rain. To spot roof damage, you must routinely check the roof for these issue areas after every storm, or every so often if storms are sparse. Also, if ceilings appear wet or begin dripping during rain, that is a sure sign that the roof needs repair.

When to Fix a Roof

To put it bluntly, storm damaged roofs should always be fixed immediately. Much like with a car, not doing regular maintenance can lead to complete totaling of the vehicle, and not repairing a storm damaged roof can quickly lead to much greater repairs on the building being needed. If shingles are misplaced or a leak is starting to form, get professional help as soon as it is available. Getting a highly skilled roofer to do repairs while they are small will cost much less than waiting until the issue becomes larger and costlier.