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Deck Waterproofing in Charlotte, NC

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Race City Roofing’s one-of-a-kind, Hydro-Stop, Deck Waterproofing System in Charlotte, NC!


Deck Waterproofing, Hydro Stop, Charlotte, NC

If you have a wooden deck in your yard, you might not realize how important it is to perform deck waterproofing. Without a proper waterproof seal, your wood deck can warp or break down, which can be very dangerous, especially if the deck is above the ground, since it can collapse. Water, wind, and other elements can cause this damage, so waterproofing decks now will help you avoid problems in the future.



Deck Waterproofing, Charlotte, NC

At Race City Roofing we offer a one of a kind patented coating with our Hydro-Stop Deck Waterproofing System. We are the only professionally trained company in the Charlotte area to apply this unique deck waterproofing material.  This process can be difficult, especially to make sure the correct amount of waterproofing seal has been evenly applied. If you miss a spot, that portion of your deck might become damaged and dangerous, which means you would have to replace the whole thing. For that reason, it is better to hire a professional who can get the deck waterproofing job done right the first time.


Deck Waterproofing, Charlotte, NC

Before the Hydro-Stop deck waterproofing job is done, we’ll make sure that your deck is clean and dry. We’ll sand it, so the coating will be smoother and more even. Our Hydro-Stop system has UV protection, so if your deck has extensive sun exposure, you will definitely want to use this type of sealant. Additionally, Hydro-Stop will resist mold and mildew, so this can help since we live in a humid North Carolina climate.  Also be sure to ask about the slip-resistant features of the Hydro-Stop deck system when you call. Remember, that properly sealing your deck against water damage will allow you to enjoy spending time out there for years to come.



Deck Waterproofing, Hydro Stop, Charlotte, NC

If you live in or around Charlotte, North Carolina, Race City Roofing can perform deck waterproofing services at an affordable price.

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