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How Well Do Metal Roofs Fare Against Extreme Weather?

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Metal roofs are rapidly gaining popularity for homes and commercial buildings due to their exceptional durability. But with pounding rain, pummeling hail, blustery winds, and scorching heat becoming more common, just how far can they go? Let’s have a look:

How Well Do Metal Roofs Fare Against Extreme Weather?

  1. Rain – Painted metal roof panels complement property exteriors, and they also slow down corrosion and rust caused by interaction with moisture and rainwater. As a result, quality metal roofing can easily withstand decades of exposure to rain.
  2. Hail – Hail is no match for sturdy galvanized steel roofs. The tough outer galvanized shield can deflect the impact of hailstones—up to 2 inches in diameter—without pocking or denting. Now that’s some serious armor against nature’s frozen artillery.
  3. Storm Winds – Howling winds might intimidate some roofs, but metal roofs can soldier through the storm. Most metal roofs have clever interlocking panel designs and hidden fasteners to enhance structural integrity. This prevents wind from creeping into vulnerable joints. Some metal roofing systems can even withstand wind speeds up to 140 mph, equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane!
  4. Heat – When it comes to wicked heat waves, modern metal roofs have the right tech to stay cool under pressure. In addition to paint, metal roofs have protective ultra-reflective coatings. These coatings reflect solar radiation and resist fire, which lowers your roof’s heat conduction, keeping your property’s interior cool. Underlayment insulation also reduces heat loss from the inside, thus retaining the warmth inside your property during chilly winters.

With over 20 years of experience in metal roof installations and replacements, we can attest to their quality and longevity. We know metal roofing can withstand whatever weather comes its way, which is why we offer a lifetime labor warranty for all our metal roof replacements and installations. Contact our roofing experts at Race City Roofing today for more information on these services.