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Waterproofing decks is universally recommended
A deck attached to your house offers many benefits. For example, it allows you to have additional space in your yard set aside for entertaining; it means you have that much less yard work to do; and it can add aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. A deck also adds value to a home, especially if it is in good condition. One major drawback to having a deck is the need to properly care for it. Waterproofing decks is a great way to reduce the time and money spent on your deck.

Here are three reasons waterproofing decks is recommended:

1.  It improves the appearance of the deck if it has been waterproofed. Not only does the stain remain a vibrant color, it also reduces unsightly worn spots on the deck.

2.  It reduces the exposure of your deck to the elements and causes less weathering over time. Wood that is left untreated will wear and warp quickly, so it’s essential to keep it well protected.

3.  It increases the value of your home to have a deck that has been well cared for. The opposite is also true — if a deck is in bad repair it can detract from the value of your home.

Waterproofing decks is universally recommended, regardless of where you live. Any climate will cause wood to weather, so you should make sure to have it professionally treated. You’ll appreciate the small investment that you make to properly care for your deck because it will look good and last a lot longer if you do.