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Because of being exposed to outdoor elements and heavy foot traffic, decks tend to get worn out pretty quickly. Before knowing if you need any deck services, here are some helpful hints:

  • Deck ServicesDamaged Boards- Check for any loose or cracked boards.  If you aren’t sure if a board is damaged, press an object, such as a screwdriver, into the wood.  If it goes in without any trouble, that is a sign the board needs to be replaced.  Also watch out for any loose nails or screws. Be sure to secure or replace any that are out of place.
  • Structural Supports- Making sure your support beams in great condition is a must.  Structural supports keep your deck in place.  If a support were to give out, your deck would become a very dangerous place to be.  If one of your support beams shows any sign of damage, replace it immediately.
  • Cleaning your deck- It is important to keep your deck clear of dirt and debris.  Mildew and mold could grow on your deck and cause some serious damage.  Rinse down your deck with a water hose or power sprayer to remove any filth on a regular basis.

It is important to perform deck services and properly maintain your deck in order to keep it in great condition.  If a repair is too big or difficult for you to do alone, call us at Race City Roofing to perform any deck services that need to be done.