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Are Metal Roofs Worth the Extra Cost?

What is a Metal Roof?

A metal roof is exactly what it sounds like: a roof made from metal. Most roofs are made from shingles, which are made from layers of asphalt, plastic composites, fiber cement, or many other similar products. A metal roof can be made with a layer of wood underneath, or maybe even a layer of stone. This on top of many different metal options, such as copper, zinc, and the most cost-effective, steel, gives metal roofing dozens of different options.

What Advantages do Metal Roofs Offer?

Despite being more expensive than a standard roof, a metal roof can outlast a shingled roof and pay for itself. A shingled roof needs to be inspected and repaired every few years, whereas a metal roof is much more durable due to steel being stronger than plastic composites and asphalt. Give a building enough time with a metal roof, and the savings due to fewer repairs will help the roof pay for itself.

Another advantage of a metal roof is in how it deals with the elements. Because metal has a much lower specific heat than shingles, it can fare better against the elements. In the heat, the air cushion between the house and the roof can allow heat to be blocked out by the metal, and not soaked into the home. And in the winter, the same ability to keep out heat can hold in the heat and melt snow and ice on the roof faster.

The last advantage is the possibility to be more aesthetically pleasing. The different types of metal roofs can be changed to taste and create a personalized home with a silver, copper, or other type of metal roof.

The Verdict

Since a metal roof may take years to pay itself off, the benefits may not be fiscally worth it. However, if you plan on staying in the same home for over a decade and enjoy the idea/aesthetic of a metal roof, it may be the right roof for you.