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How to Spot Wind Damaged Roofs

While many different types of weather can damage roofs, some areas are more susceptible to certain types of weather. Wind damaged roofs are more common in certain parts of the country, and wind affects certain roof types more than others. However, any place with a roof has the potential to be damaged by the wind. Like water, winds can blow roof shingles, making them move around and erode.

How often should I check my roof for wind damage?

Every time an especially strong wind occurs that makes you nervous about the integrity of the roof, you should go and check on your roof yourself. You can do this with binoculars, or even just grabbing a ladder and heading up there. However, a proper inspection should be done by a professional every year to make sure the roof is truly structurally sound because repairing wind damaged roofs can end up costing thousands if not dealt with quickly.

What to Look For  

When inspecting a roof, you should look out for a few visible signs of wind damage. Shingles that are discolored, missing, or not perfectly aligned can be signs that the wind has displaced the shingles. The shifting of shingles can cause uneven weight distribution on houses and can affect the structural integrity of the building.

What to Do About Wind Damaged Roofs

Call a professional roofer as soon as damage is noticed. As noted earlier, a wind damaged roof can do all sorts of damage to the home. A damaged roof can lead to a loss of structural integrity, result in less protection against the elements, and be aesthetically displeasing, thereby lowering the value of a building. Always get wind damaged roofs inspected by a professional because they are the experts who know how best to care for roofs.