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Understanding the Terms Your Residential Roofer Uses

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When it comes time for roofing services, you’ll find that a residential roofer might use some terms about the various components of a roof that you might not be familiar with. They’ll generally explain what you need to know, but it never hurts to learn some of the common terms beforehand so that communication can go smoothly throughout your project. Here are some of the terms to know:

  • Sheathing- Roof sheathing is also known as roof decking. This part of your roofing system is the boards that are installed on the roof first before the roofing materials are added. During a roof inspection, it is important that these boards be checked for wood rot and other damage.

Understanding the Terms Your Residential Roofer Uses

  • Drip edge- At the edge of the roof, there needs to be metal flashing to keep water from getting under the roofing materials where it can rot out the sheathing.
  • Underlayment- Between the roofing material and the sheathing is a felt or synthetic material that is installed for added protection.
  • Flashing- Flashing is a thin piece of metal used around chimneys, in valleys, and in other key areas for effectively directing rainwater.
  • Ridge cap- At the apex of the roof where the two slopes meet, there is a covering, called a ridge cap, to give a nice appearance and keep water from getting under the shingles.
  • Roof vent- The purpose of a roof vent is to provide the ventilation needed to avoid cold and hot air from becoming trapped.

If you are looking for a residential roofer who will always take the time to cover the terms you need to know and will address all your questions, reach out to us at Race City Roofing. Our dedication to customer service, decades of experience, and lifetime labor warranty on roof replacements are all reasons why we are confident we are the best residential roofer for all your roofing needs.