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Benefits of a Reflective Roof CoatingReflective roof coatings are also called albedo coatings. They are applied to roofs to reduce heat from the sun, especially in areas where sunny, hot weather occurs for most of the year. A reflective roof coating can reduce the surface temperature of the roof by as much as 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and it also has a positive effect on cooling costs. Scientists estimate that a reflective roof coating can save a homeowner at least 25 percent in energy use.

Reflective roof coatings are particularly common on flat roof homes, but they are also effective on sloped roofs. The coating is applied after the roof has been installed. White acrylic, polyurethane, or elastomeric paints are often used. Typically, the paint is reapplied every five years, especially in hot climates.

The Benefits of a Reflecting Roof Coating

  • Business and homeowners often like to create a relaxation area on a flat roof. There’s something peaceful and soothing about an aerial view of your surroundings. But you couldn’t do this with a non-reflective roof because the temperature on it could soar to almost 100 degrees above the real outdoor temperature on a particularly sunny and hot day.
  • Save money! If you are able to significantly reduce your roof’s temperature, your attic will be cooler and so will all the other rooms in your home. This translates to less energy consumption and lower bills.
  • Direct sunlight is the biggest enemy of any roof, especially the harmful UV rays which can cause premature replacement or costly repairs. With a reflective roof coating, you can extend its life. It will last much longer than an unprotected roof.