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Roof Coating

Roof coating on commercial buildings and homes is a movement that is sweeping the nation! Many people, however, are unaware of what roof coating is, the purpose of it, and the many benefits provided. At Race City Roofing, we are here to tell you about the basics of roof coating and how it can benefit your home or business building.

Roof coating is a membrane applied over the surface of a roof.  The purpose of roof coating is to extend the life of a roof. Due to extending the life of a roof, it also prevents landfills from being filled with an abundance of old roofing material. Roof coatings are considered an environmentally friendly option for many building and homeowners.  They can save you money in the long run because your roof will require less maintenance. Another benefit of roof coatings is that they are reflective, which means your home, office, or other building will require less energy for heating and cooling.

There are many types of roof coating options on the market today. The most popular roof coating is silicone because it is UV resistant, moisture-wicking, and energy-efficient. Other types of roof coatings are aluminum, white, or pigmented. Each roof coating has its individual purpose and benefits.

Choosing a roof coating will extend the life of your roof, reduce energy costs and free up space in local landfills. To learn more about the serious benefits of roof coating or to find out if roof coating is right for you, call our experts at Race City Roofing.