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Does Your Home Need Roof Replacement?

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Needing to replace your roof is something no one wants to think about.  But at some point, every roof needs to be repaired or replaced.  Trust your roof replacement to a professional roofing contractor and installer from our team at Race City Roofing. 

Does Your Home Need Roof Replacement?

Here are some things to look out for to prevent needing a roof replacement and causing potential damage:

  • Water in the attic- Often a roof can be in perfect condition, but because of wind, rain can get under the eaves and under the roof.
  • The condition of your shingles- Damaged or missing shingles can often be fixed by installing a simple replacement.  However, if your shingles are cracking or curling, you may need a whole roof replacement.
  • Excessive energy costs- Poor attic ventilation can cause heating and cooling systems to run excessively, which could increase your utility bills.
  • Blistering or peeling paint- Excessive moisture or high humidity due to roof leaks or poor attic ventilation can cause blistering or peeling paint on the exterior of your home.

Just because your roof isn’t leaking doesn’t mean you don’t have a roofing problem.  It is a good idea to inspect your roof regularly.  Contact us at Race City Roofing to come inspect your roof if you suspect any damage. We offer great service and a warranty on all roof replacements.