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Flat RoofFlat roofs were highly popular in the 50’s and 60’s, though it was a trend that seemed to fade with bell bottoms, platform shoes and peace sign jewelry. However, just like all those fashion trends appear and reappear time and again, flat roofs seem to have a timeless design element that some seem to really appreciate.  David Hadfield, a modernist architect from Great Britain said, “With flat roofs, you get none of the impression of bulk that you get with a pitched roof, which means it is easier to produce a surprise inside.” If a flat roof was not your first choice, but is what you ended up with, consider employing some interior and exterior design elements to improve it.

On the outside, flat roofs give a very simple and linear feel to them. You can add to this overall feeling by adding decorative windows and window shutters, drawing the eye away from the roof and more towards the home itself. New siding, stucco or a paint job on the bricks can also make a big difference in whether the home feels flat or not. Never underestimate the effect that landscaping can have on your home. A home with a flat roof can feel very warm and welcoming if surrounded by shrubbery and plants.

On the inside of the home, a flat roof is actually much easier to work with when it comes to design, as there are no odd corners or angles to have to deal with. There is much more space on the inside of a house with a flat roof to be able to play with some different design elements. Consider hanging pictures and different shaped sculptures and mirrors that add dimension and different lines to the rooms in your house. Window treatments are also a great way to really add a different feel to the overall atmosphere in your home.

Overall, flat roofs can really offer you the creative opportunity to play around. Design websites such as Houzz can help you explore the different options out there. If you have a flat roof, don’t despair– the possibilities are endless!