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The Fantastic Benefits of Shingle Roofs

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There are many roofing options to choose from when you are looking to replace an old roof or have a new one installed. A very popular roofing option is a shingle roof. Shingle roofs are widely used because of their many benefits and advantages.

The Fantastic Benefits of Shingle Roofs

A few of the fantastic benefits of shingle roofs are:

  • Variety – Shingle roofs can achieve a combination of design styles while using one roofing type. They can be made to mimic the look of slate and cedar shakes. There is also a variety of colors you can choose from to achieve different looks for your home.
  • Energy Efficient – Shingle roofs can be very energy-efficient. When a shingle roof is installed with underlayment, the energy efficiency gets even better. Also, choosing roofing colors that reflect infrared radiation helps to improve the roof’s energy efficiency.
  • Quality – Shingle roofing is a high-quality product that will provide long-term protection for your home. Shingle roofs can withstand high winds, are impact rated, and can come with Class-A fire ratings.
  • Recyclable – Shingles are recyclable, which makes them a great option if you want to have a greener home. Recycled shingles can be used in road materials and to generate power.

Shingle roofs are a great roofing option for many home and business owners. They provide a lot of benefits and are an affordable roofing option. If you are interested in more information or are ready to have a new shingle roof installed, give us a call at Race City Roofing.