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Protect Yourself from Storm Chasers Offering Roof Repair

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When a bad enough hail or wind storm sweeps through an area, it can leave major damage in its path. You may find yourself in need of roof repair, but be warned! You must do your research before hiring a contractor to fix your roof. There are dishonest contractors who make a living off of chasing storms that leave damaged roofs and offering roof repair to the affected homeowners.

Protect Yourself from Storm Chasers Offering Roof Repair

These contractors will promise much, but fail to deliver; most roofs repaired by storm chasers have to be replaced again within about 5 to 7 years. Protect yourself and your property by checking the following before hiring anyone to repair your roof:

  • Ask to see proof of both a local roofing license AND a certificate of insurance. Both should be issued in the same name.
  • Check the license plates on the contractor’s car. If they are from out of state, beware! You also definitely have the right to ask to see their driver’s license to see if it is in-state.
  • Ask for local references from customers and follow through with the references. You can ask for supplier references, as well, to see if the contractor pays for his supplies on time. This is important because if the supplier isn’t paid, you may end up having to pay twice.
  • Research the company with the Better Business Bureau and online. Make sure the contractor has been in the area and completed jobs before the storm hit.

If you are not careful, you could end up with a poorly repaired roof and a useless warranty (no warranty work will be completed if the contractor has left the state). At worst, you may end up losing your house due to a lien placed by an unpaid supplier or a law suit from an injured worker because the storm chaser did not have insurance (leaving you as the responsible party, since it happened on your property). Keep yourself and your neighbors safe . . . spread the word about roof repair storm chasers and the damage they can do.