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Maintenance for a Flat Roof

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Whether you opted for a flat roof when building your home, or you lucked out and your dream home in your dream neighborhood for your dream price just happened to have a flat roof, now that you have one, you’ve got to put some serious time and attention into maintaining it.

Maintenance for a Flat Roof

While flat roofs may seem much simpler than traditional sloped roofs, they actually can be much more complicated, both in the installing and maintaining process. Consider drawing up a schedule that will get you up on your roof seasonally for inspection and any required repair. Fall is a great time to get up on your flat roof and remove all of the leaves and debris that have accumulated. Leaving this debris on a flat roof through a winter season can quickly turn it into heavy mulch that can seep in through the roof’s structure.

Flat roofs drain through a system that employs scuppers, which are basically drains connected to the edge of the roof. While wider scuppers are more common and typically let debris and water fall through to the ground, it is still wise to clean out your scuppers to ensure water can flow freely.

You will also want to consistently check your roof to make sure there is no pooling of water anywhere. Pooled water will begin to be absorbed by the structure and can cause leaking and structural damage. When inspecting your flat roof, look for blistering and ridging. If the roof seems to be peeling back or seems spongy or wet under foot, repair is needed.

Whether your roof is damaged and in need of repair, you need a new roof installed, or you want help with overall maintenance of the flat roof on your Charlotte, NC home, call us today at Race City Roofing.