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5 ‘Signs of the Times’ for Roof Repair

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Did you know that you should be checking your roof for wear and repair at least twice a year? If you didn’t know that, chances are you probably haven’t been doing it. Just like the Bible warns of ‘signs of the times’ for the end of the world, we’re going to give you some ‘signs of the times’ for the end of your roof and when you need roof repair. If the latter comes before the former, you’ll be praying for the former, so you don’t have to deal with the latter!

5 ‘Signs of the Times’ for Roof Repair

It’s much easier to deal with the small waves of roof repair instead of putting it off and having a full-on Armageddon on your hands and needing to replace the entire roof. Here are some of the signs you should look for:

  1. Leaking – Any water entering in your house through your roof is a sign that you’ve got a problem that needs to be fixed. Taking care of it early before the ‘floods’ is a good idea.
  2. Outside Light – If you can see the blood red moon, or the moon in any color, you need roof repair. Outside light shining through is not an ideal scenario with your roof.
  3. Shingles – Check for shingles– not the type that look like a plague of boils on your skin, but the kind that have come loose, are extra worn or seem to be peeling up off your roof. The state of your shingles is a tell-tale sign of needed roof repair. Also check for shingle granules, which are large deposits of sand in the gutters and drain pipes.
  4. Vents – Check to make sure that all the vents in your home go directly outside– bath, kitchen, laundry room etc. If the vents are going up into the roof, chances are its causing mold and mildew and will lead to roof damage.
  5. Damaged Flashings – Check the flashing around the sky lights, chimney and eaves for any damage. It could be separating, lifting or expanding. If the flashing looks off, roof repair is imminent.

Don’t wait for the earthquake-size problems before you give your roof the tender loving care it needs. At Race City Roofing, we’re not prophets, but foreseeing and fixing problems with your roof is part of our job. Heed the ‘signs of the times’ and call us for all your roof repair needs in Charlotte, NC.