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Commercial RoofingYour commercial roofing is there to protect the interior of your building, regardless of what the weather is like. Due to this, it is prone to damage from a variety of common natural elements, such as:

  • Sun—The sun that constantly beats down on the top of your commercial roofing can cause your roof to deteriorate. You will find that sun damage is more prevalent on sides of your building that either face west or south.
  • Wind—When a strong windstorm blows through your area, the gusts can lift up the edges of your roofing and allow debris and moisture to get inside.
  • Leaves and trees—When tree branches touch the top of your commercial roofing, they can scratch and damage your shingles. Additionally, leaves that sit on top of your roof retain moisture, which can weaken your roof’s structure.
  • Rain—When moisture from a rainstorm gets underneath your shingles, the structure of your roof may start to rot. This extra moisture can also turn your roof into a breeding ground for moss and algae.

Although there isn’t much you can do about some of these natural forces, the good news is that there are plenty of other things you can do to keep your commercial roofing in good shape. For example, you can have us at Race City Roofing come and inspect your roof on a regular basis to determine if it is in need of repair. To schedule your next roof inspection or to find out more about what you can do to maintain your roofing, get in touch with us today.