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Roof Replacement: How to Best Prepare and What to Expect

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Eventually you will need a roof replacement. Roofs are exposed to many harsh elements like wind, hail, sun, and rain. These harsh elements beat down on your roof and over time cause you to need a roof replacement. A roof replacement is a big job and can feel overwhelming. Here are a few things you should know and do to make your roof replacement go well.

Roof Replacement: How to Best Prepare and What to Expect

  • Prepare your property – You will want to take some time before your roof replacement to prepare and protect your surrounding property. Park your cars, boat, motor home, and bikes away from your home. Remove patio furniture and toys from the area. Ensure roof access from all areas of your home. This may require you to unlock any gates. You may want to consider marking all of your sprinkler heads so that the installers don’t trip over them. It may also be a good idea to speak with your neighbors to let them know about the noises that will be coming from your property.
  • Prepare your home – We recommend that you clear out your attic of anything that is important to you. You may want to also consider laying down a tarp on the floor of your attic for easier cleanup of dust and debris. If you have an un-insulated garage that will be getting a new roof, then we recommend covering anything that you don’t want potential dust and debris landing on. Any accessories that you have on your roof like satellites or décor will be removed and replaced after your new roof is installed.

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