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Deck Waterproofing in Gastonia, North CarolinaDecks provide a great spot for outdoor entertainment and are a beautiful asset for any home. In our temperate North Carolina climate, having a deck can truly be a relaxing retreat in your own backyard. Just as with any aspect of your home, it’s important to properly maintain your deck. One of the most important ways to protect and properly maintain a deck is by waterproofing it. There are a variety of advantages to regularly performing this task, but here are the top 5 reasons we give for waterproofing decks.

  1. Once a deck has been waterproofed, it is much easier to clean, since moisture, dirt, and grime can’t pervade the sealant or wood.
  2. Preventing moisture from seeping into the wood eliminates the risk of it warping or buckling over time.
  3. Protecting the wood from water also helps it to avoid mildew growth or the potential to rot.
  4. A good sealant will help the deck to maintain its color and brilliance much better. This will reduce the need to re-stain and re-finish the wood as frequently.
  5. Waterproofing decks extends the lifespan of the wood by sufficiently protecting it from the elements it’s exposed to daily.

We recommend waterproofing decks at least once a year. For wood that is constantly exposed to sun and rain, meaning there is no shade or covering, this will likely need to be done more frequently. As professionals, we can help you determine how often this should be done to keep your deck looking its best. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Race City Roofing to provide you with outstanding and long-lasting results for your deck.