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Cleaning, Coating, and Waterproofing Decks

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Your home’s deck can be a little piece of heaven, providing you and your family a beautiful place to spend quality time together. While it may be an investment financially to install a deck, it can really be an investment into your happiness– something that is always worth the cost. So once you have installed the deck of your dreams, put in the time to keep it attractive. Cleaning, coating and waterproofing decks are some of the steps necessary.

Cleaning, Coating, and Waterproofing Decks

  • Cleaning – It seems obvious, but a clean deck looks much better and lasts longer than a dirty deck. Leaves, dirt and other debris can get stuck down in the cracks between boards. Animal droppings, insects, spilled food and mildew growth can all discolor and stain your deck. Keeping an eye out and cleaning the deck frequently can help it last longer. Sweep frequently and power wash often.
  • Coating – Protect your deck like you would protect the hardwood floors in your home. Coat your deck with a sealant or a stain that will protect against scratches and dings. There are many coatings on the market today, and usually you get what you pay for. If your budget allows, get a high-end deck coating.
  • Waterproofing – Waterproofing decks should be done frequently, at least on an annual basis. You will begin to notice the water damage on your deck if you do not. There are many ways for waterproofing decks and many different products. A word of advice: read the instructions on the product before you use it. How you use it can make a big difference in the way it holds up against water.

When it comes to cleaning, coating and waterproofing decks, trust us at Race City Roofing to know the product and the technique that is best for your deck. We offer deck waterproofing at affordable rates and are dedicated to making your deck, that little piece of heaven, stay that way.