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Complex Roofs

Building your dream home can be an exciting and fun project, especially when you get to pick out that perfect floorplan.  But what if you pick something that has a really complex roof, and it looks like it will be impossible to get the look and style you desire without breaking the bank?  At Race City Roofing, we are experts at designing complex roofs and can help you get the roof you want at a price you can afford.

Complex roof designs are often complicated and architecturally elaborate.  They include multilevel roofs, pitched roofs, gable roofs, domes, long rafters, and multiple peaks.  Complex roofs also can include more than one type of roofing materials.  At Race City Roofing, we carry a wide variety of materials to fit your style and the overall vision you have for your roof.  We can make your dreams of a beautiful and elaborate roof into a reality.  

Complex roofs add value and curb appeal to your home.  They also make your home unique and help you avoid a cookie-cutter feel.  You can feel like your complex roof design adds an architectural element to your home that really makes it stand out.  

We will also make sure that the design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also structurally sound. We will not compromise the structure in favor of design.  We can give you something that is both beautiful and high-quality.  We can make sure you are making a good investment and that your roof will last for a long time.  We will take care to make sure all the angles are right, so the light can enter your home in a way that is practical and properly done.  

Call us at Race City Roofing for a free complex and elaborate roof design estimate!  Let us help you build your perfect home. You will be glad you did.