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Factors To Consider Before Church Roof Replacement

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One of our specialty roofing services here at Race City Roofing is church roof replacement. We know the importance of church roofs in accentuating their aesthetic appeal. We also understand that church roofs will deteriorate over time, despite their longevity. Thus, your church will need a roof replacement at some point.

Factors To Consider Before Church Roof Replacement

There are some factors to consider before determining whether church roof replacement is necessary.

  • Age. Keeping track of the age of your church’s roof is essential. Generally, most church roofs have a lifespan of 20 to 25 years. Your church leadership will want to look into a roof replacement if it’s any older than that. Also, it might do you well to invest in a more aesthetically pleasing new roof.
  • Wear. Although church roofs are durable, they should be inspected annually to ensure they don’t wear significantly. During a roof inspection, some things to look out for include loose or missing shingles, shingle granules in the gutters, curled or buckling shingles, and discoloration. If your church roof shows signs of significant wear, it might require a replacement.
  • Functionality. Another indicator of a failing church roof is a wet or moldy attic or ceiling. This means the roof is likely leaking, and such instances will necessitate a roof replacement.

Not only will a church roof replacement beautify the sanctuary, but it will also ensure the safety of its congregants. If your church needs a roof replacement, contact us today. We will ensure that it has a new, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing roof.