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Focusing on the Positives of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is quickly becoming a favorable option for homeowners around the country. While some may consider metal roofs unattractive, the benefits are starting to outweigh the cosmetic and aesthetic negatives that used to deter people from seriously considering metal roofing.

Metal roofs far exceed traditional roofs in their overall life and performance. Whereas traditional roofs begin to decrease in value from the minute you install them, metal roofs remain in tip-top shape for 50+ years. They provide maximum wind and fire resistance and are highly efficient with energy output, as they keep homes much cooler than traditional roofs do. In fact, a metal roof can cut your energy costs by up to 20%! Metal roofing is also lower weight and thus helps preserve the life and structure of your home’s frame.

For more environmentally conscious people, metal roofing is a great option, as these roofs are typically made of more than 90% recycled material. They also leave a much smaller carbon footprint and don’t take up enormous amounts of space in landfills like shingles do. Metal roofs are 100% recyclable when removed from your house. And because metal roofs are so lightweight comparatively, they can typically be installed on top of an existing roof.

At Race City Roofing, we install metal roofing and have 25+ years of experience in the roofing industry. Our customers are consistently satisfied and pleased with the roofing work we have provided. If you are interested, we can discuss with you the benefits of metal roofing and give you and estimate for your home. Call us today!