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Most Common Reasons to Need Roof Repair

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If you suddenly notice a roof leak, you know that is cause for concern and that you need to call for roof repair as soon as possible to minimize water damage. What you may not realize is that there can be many reasons why you need roof repair that you wouldn’t necessarily notice without a roof inspection. Here are the most common reasons to need roof repair.

  • Storm Damage- Severe weather can wreak havoc to a roof, even if it is relatively new. While an older roof can be damaged by wind rather easily, a heavy branch or large hail can damage any roof.
  • Infestations- If there are any points where a critter can gain access, they will do so for nesting and relief from the weather. Sometimes you can hear the activity from birds, squirrels, or even a hive of bees, but that isn’t always the case. An inspection can alert you to infestations that can do a number on your roof, leaving you with a roof repair invoice.
  • Installation Mistakes- Whether you went with the lowest bid or the previous owner did, that could have resulted in some installation mistakes that need to be corrected if you are to enjoy the longest lifespan from the roofing. Common roof repairs to compensate for errors include correcting the flashing around skylights, chimneys, and vent pipes, as well as resolving ventilation problems.
  • Lack of Maintenance- While a call for an inspection could result in a roof repair bill, it will generally be a lower one than if you neglected calling and the problem festered into a costly repair.
  • Landscaping Issues- Overhanging tree limbs can cause more damage than you might think. Just a breeze causing a branch to caress the roof displaces the top layer of shingles, shortening their lifespan considerably. Keep tree limbs pruned regularly, and if you are planting trees, keep them away from the house.
  • Clogged Gutters- Not keeping the gutters clean can result in drainage problems around your property, as well as damage to the roofing.

Regardless of what has caused damage to the roof on your home or commercial property, here at Race City Roofing, our experienced team of roofing professionals can resolve the problem with effective and efficient roof repair techniques. Feel free to call on us for an inspection after a storm or if you suspect a roof leak or just want peace of mind about the condition of your roofing.