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How to Prep for Home Roofing Installation

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When its time for new roofing installation, you may be excited to get the project underway and see the finished results. As you get ready for the big day, you’ll want to take some extra steps to prepare for roofing installation. Here are some top recommendations:

How to Prep for Home Roofing Installation

  • Prepare Children & Pets – Young children and pets won’t understand the loud noises that are coming from up above. You may want to make alternate arrangements for your pets to board at a local pet facility or have kids stay with family nearby until your roofing project is complete.
  • Remove Wall Décor – Anything hanging on the walls could be at risk during a roofing installation. Taking the time to remove fragile or hanging items will ensure that nothing is damaged while the roofers are working on your home.
  • Protect Attic Storage – If you store any valuables or seasonal items in your attic, remove them or cover them in protective gear so they are less likely to be damaged during the roofing installation process. This could be as simple as placing tarps over top of these items to prevent dust, debris, and water from getting inside.
  • Move Outdoor Items – Moving outdoor items like your vehicles, grill, satellite dishes, antennas, and patio furniture is a good step with roofing installation. Not only will this prevent these items from being damaged, but they also won’t pose hindrances to roofing contractors as they come and go from their roofing work.
  • Create a Safety Plan – Your roofing contractors will likely be utilizing outdoor extension cords and other electrical equipment to install your new roofing materials. Creating a safety plan to avoid being around their equipment will help prevent any concerns while they are on the job.

At Race City Roofing, we can give you other tips and pointers when it’s time to schedule your new roofing installation. Customer satisfaction is always our number-one goal. Contact us today for a free roofing estimate!